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Wear your eclipse glasses, for Copernicus's sake!

Nora Harris, 64, a former librarian, signed an advance directive after her diagnosis to prevent her life from being prolonged when her disease got worse. Now, her husband said, she’s being kept alive with assisted eating and drinking against her stated wishes. 

The wildfire appears historic in both its size and its duration, but no one can say for sure — because Greenland doesn't have longstanding records of fires.

<p>When sending out a response to the counterprotest in Boston that quelled a "Free Speech" rally on Saturday, President Trump attempted to tweet a message about the country needing protest in order to "heal."</p>

As facial-recognition technology moves into mobile devices, we will soon take it for granted not just in smartphones but also in smart-home speakers, doorbells and locks, writes Christopher Mims.

The New York Police Department is hiring 100 civilians with math and statistics backgrounds to help detect patterns and make sense of compiled data.

Tens of thousands of anti-racism protesters outnumber a far-right "Free Speech" rally in the US city.

The iconic children's channel discovered and made famous many of the most talented child stars in the 2000s. Here's where they ended up.

Friendly Celeb Exes: Naomi Watts, Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony

KISS frontman and possible bovine absentee father Gene Simmons was widely ridiculed for a recent attempt to trademark the heavy metal devil horn hands.

The Duchess of Cambridge's sister really makes fitness a priority.

<p>A round-up of the week's tabloid stories that totally missed the mark.</p>

Robin Thicke and his pregnant girlfriend celebrate their baby news.

Just three months after Olivia Newton-John revealed she is facing breast cancer for the second time, the actress and singer is giving her dedicated fans a positive update on her health. &nbsp;

Get the surprising scoop on faves like Mean Girls and Titanic, from casting shake-ups to on-set antics

"The only reason we did that was to unify people and unify the people that look up to us."

<p>For an NFL team, making a change at quarterback can be almost as franchise-altering as bringing in a new head coach, or being acquired by a new owner.</p>

Two prominent organizations showed support for quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his inability to catch on with an NFL team.

It’s been 195 days since the Patriots won Super Bowl LI, but the memory of their thrilling comeback win is not forgotten.&nbsp;

While the Warriors have yet to receive a formal invite, the signs are stronger than ever that they have no interest in visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

It was as absurd as you’re gonna get in the preseason.&nbsp;

Aly Raisman is ready to talk about "the elephant in the room."

Donald Trump is fixated on a vision of masculine, blue-collar employment. But the retail sector has long had a far greater impact on American employment – and checkout-line technology is putting it at risk

<p>Once rare American-built oil tankers are now plentiful, changing U.S. gasoline flows and giving shipowners headaches.</p>

Exelon's Three Mile Island nuclear power plant will shut down in 2019 unless Pennsylvania or a regional grid operator intervenes.

From smart cities to bridges you can run marathons on, these giant infrastructure projects will define the future.

Climate change is almost unanimously considered one of the gravest threats facing humanity, with the worst-case scenarios representing massive environmental destruction. Investors hoping to combat it with their portfolio allocations can, but one famous environmentally-focused company may actually be doing more harm than good.

<p>If you believe the great robot takeover has begun, then Michigan appears to be ground zero. Michigan has the nation’s highest rate of industrial robots as a percentage of workers, and the state’s factories are now using nearly as many robots as the entire West Coast of the United States.</p>

Local Wisconsin News

Lafayette County Sheriff Reg Gill is encouraging ATV and UTV riders to be safer both on and off the trails following a number of crashes in the county this year, he said in an interview wi...

Volkswagen will revisit its Microbus history, but with a twist.

The German automaker plans to begin production of a new, all-electric version of the its famous van.

The extreme...

Authorities say an 18-year-old man drove through about 100 construction barrels earlier this week in Vernon County and the next night drove through more in the opposite lane of traffic.

A community in southeastern Wisconsin is planning ahead in case it becomes the site for a major Foxconn facility.

The Journal Times reports that Mount Pleasant officials are planning...

Fitchburg police say they are looking into an armed robbery case from early Saturday morning, with the victim allegedly held at gunpoint.

According to a report from the Fitchburg Pol...

Offers of support are pouring in for a 9-year-old Wausau girl who was allegedly scammed while trying to sell her Pokemon card collection.

Kaitlynn Cooper's mother, Sarah Hesbol, tell...

The U.S. Small Business Administration has approved Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's request to provide federal low-interest disaster loans for individuals and businesses affected by flooding...

The muck at the murky bottom of an eastern Wisconsin lake is being dredged and repurposed.

The Fond du Lac Reporter reports that the city of Fond du Lac removed about 540 tons of lak...

Madison police officers responded to reports of shots fired on Madison's east side Friday night, arresting one person for reckless endangerment.

According to officials, the suspect a...

The Dane County Sheriff's Office arrested a man for his sixth OWI offense Friday afternoon, according to a release from the department.

Officials also charged Kelly W. White, 55, wit...

A problem with police seems to be splitting a small town in two.

In a letter addressed to the Clinton Village Board and dated Aug. 11, Brian Jacobs, owner of Jakes Electric in Clinto...

Police in Brodhead are searching for a man who allegedly threatened to bring a gun to work Thursday night.

The Brodhead Police Department said officers are looking for 38-year-old J...

The ninth annual Madison Mini-Marathon kicks off early Saturday morning, and runners and organizers are hard at work preparing for the event and the conditions around it.

According t...

A man accused of driving a vehicle that struck and killed a mother and daughter as they walked along a road in Lawrence has been charged in the case.

Authorities say 46-year-old Davi...