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Plus: How a sensor implanted in the heart is improving patients' lives.
Seven homicides were reported in Milwaukee over the weekend, an outburst of violence in a month where fatal killings had otherwise slowed down.

Storms arrived Sunday as the transition from summer to fall brought clashing air masses. Winds of 60 mph were reported.
Kindly Coffee gives those with disabilities the opportunity to work.

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FPC Live, with support from live music juggernaut Live Nation, is hoping to open a two-venue live music complex in the Deer District in 2024.

Wisconsin gasoline prices rose sharply in the last week, but analysts expect the increases will only be temporary.

A little over a year since concerts returned, there have been sold-out stadium shows — and more than 30 cancellations since late July in Milwaukee.

Kindly Coffee, 1205 S. 70th St., West Allis, provides vocational opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Many entries highlight other key state industries, like agriculture, food and health care, as well as the ingenuity and innovation of Wisconsinites.