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Barrett's overall numbers are down from his last three elections, each of which he won with at least 70% of the vote over weak opponents.
Now they're all cozier thinkers, thanks to Prometheus and a fire that ignites at the turn of a switch.
The sharply higher estimate is likely to complicate the long-anticipated project as Illinois is asking neighboring states to help share the cost.
Milwaukee County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb Sr. and the finance committee lead charge to remove private companies from jail medical services.

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Taxpayers will give a Fox Valley company up to $28 million over five years under a deal struck by Gov. Scott Walker in his last weeks in office.

The minds behind Madison-based SwanLeap believe they are building the next level of shipping technology.

The city sought a federal transportation grant to extend the streetcar line from the Milwaukee Intermodal Station to Fiserv Forum.

About 100 painters working for an affiliate of real estate firm Ogden & Company were illegally underpaid, a judge has ruled.

The expanded store will be blended into the main shopping level at The Corners, adding a mezzanine level lounge, and dining and bar offerings.