FAQ for Internet Upgrade:

   I just ordered my new service.  How long will it take until it is installed?

o   Typically, installations take approximately 2-3 weeks from time of order.
Once you order your new service, Milwaukee PC will contact you with an install date to confirm that the date & time works for you.  This usually takes about a week to setup.  If the install date doesn’t work for you, we can request a reschedule.  If it has been 1 week since you ordered your new service and you haven’t gotten an install date, please check with the Milwaukee PC branch that placed your order.

·         I have my scheduled date, but something has come up.  Can I reschedule?

o   Please notify us immediately.  Milwaukee PC needs 48 hour notice to confirm a cancellation/reschedule with AT&T.  Less notice than that and we cannot guarantee we can reschedule your installation.

·         Will this cost me anything?

o   The initial trip and equipment are being provided to all existing Milwaukee PC Internet Service customers free of charge.  If AT&T has to come out any additional times because of a more difficult installation, this will not be charged to you.  HOWEVER, if you miss your appointment and fail to give us 48 hour notice, you could be billed $100 for an additional technician dispatch.

·         Will my phones be affected?

o   To convert over to Milwaukee PC’s new Internet that doesn’t require phone service does mean that AT&T will have to change some wiring for your phones.  This could cause a minor interruption in your current phone or internet service, usually not more than a few minutes while wires are switched around

·         How long will it take to connect?

o   AT&T is doing their best to give us a target window for them to come out to your location and switch over the necessary wiring.  Usually a technician is onsite at your location for about 1-2 hours, including time both at the wiring box and in the residence.

·         Can this all be accomplished in 1 trip?

o   Usually yes.  However, since each location’s wiring is different, there have been some cases where an AT&T technician may need to leave.  Sometimes it is just for a little bit to go to the nearest routing box to update it, sometimes they have to send out an engineer to help facilitate the install.  If it will take more than the original scheduled date, you will be notified and we will do our best to reschedule around you for any additional visits to your location.

·         Does AT&T have to install any wires for this?

o   Usually not.  In some rare instances, the wires in place are not up to grade with what is needed for the new service, they may have to install some new wiring.  If this requires any new lines to the location, they may have to temporarily install them on the ground.  If they do, at a future point they will return and either bury or wire them up high, pending on your location.

·         AT&T just showed up and say they are installing U-verse.  Is that right?

o   Milwaukee PC uses the same network as U-Verse, so they may refer to it as that.  Milwaukee PC Internet differs in that there is no cap of usage per month, and does not support television or phone service.

·         Some providers have a maximum Internet usage per month.  Is there a cap on my monthly Internet Service?

o   NO.  Milwaukee PC has no cap on how much Internet you use per month.

·         What do I need to do when AT&T is finished installing the equipment?

o   There are a couple of things you need to do:

§  Before the AT&T Technician leaves, make sure your phones are all still working.  If there is any problems, let the technician know immediately.

§  You will need to switch the line from your old modem to the new modem.  Not the phone line, but the line that goes from the modem to your computer or router.

§  If you use a local mail client like Outlook, LiveMail, etc., you may need to call us for assistance in changing a couple of settings for sending mail.

·         Update the Outgoing Server Port to 26

·         Enable the “My server requires authentication” option

§  Connect any wireless devices to the new modem/router box.  The password for this is on a sticker on the side of the new modem/router.

·         Can I disconnect my home phone if I want to?

o   Once your new Internet is setup, you can disconnect your home phone if you no longer wish to have it.

·         Can I change my mind?

o   Yes.  Milwaukee PC is offering a 20-day cancellation period from installation.  If you decide you don’t want Milwaukee PC Internet Service within 20 days, you will not be charged the cancellation fee.

·         What if I want a faster speed than I signed up for?

o   If your location supports faster speeds than you initially signed up for, you can change at any time.  Just call your local Milwaukee PC and they will put in the speed change order.  Usually this will take just a couple of days.

·         I’m going to be gone for an extended period.  Can I put my Internet Service on “hold”?

o   Unfortunately, Milwaukee PC can no longer offer a temporary disconnection for extended periods away.  We can however lower your speed to the lowest option, and thus reduce your bill to the minimal amount for the time you are gone.

·         What if I want to cancel my service or cannot pay my bill within the 1 year commitment?

o   Call your local Milwaukee PC.  If your service is terminated before your 1 year commitment is completed, there is a $200 / remainder of year fee, whichever is less.

·         I am moving.  What do I do?

o   If you are moving to a location that supports Milwaukee PC Internet Service, and you choose to move the service, you will be charged a $100 moving fee, and you will have a new 1 year commitment from the time of activation at the new location.  New hardware will be provided for the new location.

·         Who do I call for help if my Internet is having problems?

o   As with our old Internet Service, you still contact your local Milwaukee PC for assistance.  We in turn will get the appropriate testing going and contact you with the results.

·         What happens after my 1 year commitment is up?

o   After completion of your 1 year commitment, you will be no longer under a long term commitment.  You are a month to month commitment.  Also, the pricing you are being charged per month now is NOT an introductory price.  You don’t have to call us up and jump thru any hoops to keep your same pricing after your 1 year commitment is completed.

·         Is there any kind of warranty on the equipment?

o   Yes.  There is a 1 year warranty on the hardware provided when you signed up.  If you need replacement hardware after that period, it may be purchased by contacting your local Milwaukee PC.