Local Wisconsin News

Officials say the agent was returning from work Saturday night when he was robbed in a residential community in Tustin.

Crews have already started building the stage at Fiserv Forum for the RNC.

The pipeline's operator moved the case from state court to federal court more than two years past the deadline for changing jurisdictions.

There are more than a 100 cooling centers in Wisconsin.

Mercury Marine is a major employer in the Fox Valley area, with more than 3,500 full-time employees in Fond du Lac.

It will be his third trip to the Badger State this year.

The plaintiffs asked the high court to strike down the veto without waiting for the case to go through lower courts.

The duo hosted a reproductive rights roundtable in Madison on Monday to build support for the Biden-Harris campaign.

He’s one of 12 LGBTQ members of Congress.

The policy will allow roughly 490,000 spouses of U.S. citizens an opportunity to apply for a “parole in place” program.

Here’s some fireworks and celebrations happening in major Wisconsin cities.

Prosecutors accused Joshua Pleasnick of showing up at the Capitol on Oct. 4 and demanding to see the governor while armed with a handgun.

They group says they've been applying for a year.

Twenty-one percent said they believe the verdict is an important issue in determining their vote and that they are now less likely to support him.

Expect highs in the 80s and 90s with chances for storms.

The Arizona College of Nursing plans to occupy the Honey Creek Corporate Center.

Nearly 82% of the country will experience 90-degree temperatures or higher.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has released a framework of its plan.

A gunman driven by hatred of Jews killed 11 worshipers at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue in 2018, the country's deadliest antisemitic attack.

North Korean state media says Russian President Vladimir Putin will arrive in the country on Tuesday for a two-day visit.

World News

Both Conservative and Labour plan to reduce government investment over the next parliamentary term

Sir Ian is said to be in "good spirits" and is expected to "make a speedy and full recovery".

Vladimir Putin praises North Korea for "firmly" supporting his war in Ukraine, ahead of his Pyongyang visit.

Here’s what you need to know about how you register to vote and when.

Swifties told roads around south Wales likely to be busy before Tuesday's Principality Stadium show.

Mr Biden's spokeswoman says a video of the president at a fundraiser was misleadingly edited.

The musician, whose had a smash hit with Sunchyme, was diagnosed with stage four cancer last year.

After a cold and dull start to summer, could we be about to see our weather turn warmer and drier?

Surrey Police is facing questions after a calf was apparently hit twice by a car.

Nigel Farage says "this should be the immigration election" as he launched his party plans in Merthyr Tydfil.

The flamboyant religious leader made headlines after he was robbed of $1m in jewellery during a sermon.

One staff member was recorded saying he wanted to drown a pupil “like a kitten” - Panorama undercover.

BBC correspondents analyse key policies in the Reform UK manifesto.

BBC Verify examines Labour claims about the cost of planned Tory borrowing

Jeremy Hunt suggested key manifesto promises on welfare cuts had been announced by the government last year.

Sir Ed Davey says rural communities struggling with "outrageous pump prices" need more support.

The proposal would see people on low incomes, the elderly and disabled pay less on energy bills.

Newcastle and Sunderland have traditionally battled it out, but there may be a surprise contender.

John Curtice examines the latest opinion polls ahead of the 4 July general election.

Leader of Reform UK attacks Welsh Labour government in launch of party's "contract" with voters.

Here’s what you need to know about how you register to vote and when.

Find out which constituency you are in, who you can vote for and where you can vote using our postcode search.

How do people say they will vote in the UK general election? Our poll tracker measures the trends.

Chris Mason and Henry Zeffman find Sunak supporters downbeat and Starmer's team buoyant as polls fail to narrow.

The figures are a huge turnaround on the 2019 election, when the Tories attracted 87% of all donations.

Your Voice, Your Vote - The BBC answers your questions about tactical voting.

The BBC’s Nick Robinson explains how he is approaching his interviews with party leaders ahead of the UK general election.

The challenge Reform UK poses to the Conservatives dominates Tuesday's papers.

How the Elder Scrolls Online survived a difficult launch to become a quiet gaming success story.

Nurse Carol McGachie said she felt like she had been plugged into the mains every night.

A bold insurgent attack heightens fears of instability as a regional force prepares to pull out.

The BBC joins a prized (and odd) listening session in Australia, for tracks that exist only on a single CD.