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Stopgap funding will keep the government running until the bill packages are passed later in March

McConnell announced Wednesday he is stepping down from his leadership post in November.

The U.S. Supreme Court is already weighing a case from Colorado seeking to remove Trump from the ballot in that state.

The nation's highest court agreed to take up the case Wednesday.

In a fact sheet released on Wednesday, the White House noted homicides are expected to be down 12% in 2023 from the year prior

The 82-year-old Kentucky Republican is the longest-serving Senate leader in history.

The President touted a decrease in crime under his leadership.

The Biden administration is making $85 million in grants available.

Report claims "dairy workers are excluded from many protections."

An Amber Alert was issued for Vue on Feb. 20.

Mississippi Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith quickly objected to the bill, blocking its consideration.

The 14-month Republican investigation into the Biden family has centered on Hunter Biden and his overseas work.

An expert said these weather patterns will have direct impact on the farming industry.

Many within the surrounding area and throughout the state have stopped what they are doing to help the search.

The White House released a summary of the president's physical exam.

Judge Anil Singh ruled that Trump must post a bond covering the full amount in order to stop enforcement of the judgment.

No. 6 Iowa battles No. 2 Ohio State.

Severe thunderstorms with hail and several possible rare winter tornadoes toppled trees, cut power and damaged homes in parts of the Great Lakes.

Brianna Buechner is a five-sport athlete.

Estella Leopold was a researcher and scientist who dedicated her life to the land ethic philosophy of her famous father.

World News

Officers must use their powers against people who undermine democracy by targeting MPs, Rishi Sunak says.

Two former sex workers who were picked up by Iain Packer say police failed to act on warnings that he was dangerous.

An airline dispute resolution scheme ruled that had Damian Lloyd had checked out his family.

The Odysseus robot broke a leg on touchdown but continued to stream data back to Earth

The longest-serving Republican leader of the US Senate announces it is "time to move on".

There is renewed speculation over an agreement after the US president said it could be days away.

Katie Higton warned officers of threats from Marcus Osborne, a timeline obtained by the BBC reveals.

The former politician allegedly "sold out" to a foreign spy network, offering access to a prime minister's orbit.

Justices will decide if Donald Trump has presidential immunity from election fraud charges.

The US president says "everything's great" after undergoing his annual physical examination.

More than 50 correspondents and presenters urge Israel and Egypt to allow them to enter Gaza.

Casemiro scores an 89th-minute winner as Manchester United beat Nottingham Forest to reach the FA Cup quarter-finals.

Abortion has been legal in France since 1974 but it is now set to be a constitutional "freedom".

The papers continue their build-up to the Spring Budget and also cover Prince Harry’s failed security funding bid.

The pop star arrives at the Brits with seven nominations, after one of the biggest comebacks in pop.

Four people born on 29 February share their experiences of having a birthday on this very elusive day.

The three "Johns" and a senator who challenged McConnell for his post are considered likely successors.

Both want to talk tough on immigration - an issue that could decide the presidency - writes Anthony Zurcher.

The extraordinary story of Bablu and Rakhi who left home as children and grew up in orphanages.

BBC Journalist Samantha Poling confronted Iain Packer during on-camera interviews, which were later shown to the jury in court.

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He died peacefully in his home after suffering a heart attack, his publicist told US media.

The Duke of Sussex fails to overturn a change to his security when he stopped being a working royal.

Gemini was co-founded by twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss - known for their legal dispute with Facebook.

Paul Connell was offered the lead role at the cancelled event in a Glasgow warehouse.

Red Bull's team principal Christian Horner is cleared of inappropriate behaviour towards a female colleague following an internal investigation.

Noises that prompted hope in the search for the missing Titan submersible have been released to the media.

LNER and Northern train drivers, plus London Overground staff, are all set to stage walkouts.

Millions of workers in the UK will see their wages go up in April.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will set out the government's tax and spending plans in the spring Budget.

Parents in England wanting 15 hours free childcare for two-year-olds face an important deadline.

Millions of households are expected to see their council tax bills rise in April.